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Standing loudly for Equality, Liberty, and Unity

This past weekend we witnessed yet another horrific and cowardly attack on a house of worship, this time at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue. It comes painfully on the heels of mass bombings in Sri Lankan churches, an attack on a mosque in New Zealand, and a series of arson attacks on African American churches in Louisiana. The Poway shooting is another tragic addition to a growing list of violence targeting people in their places of worship across America and the world.

These aren’t just acts of violence; they are attacks on one of the most fundamental liberties for humankind, one that our Founders codified in the Constitution: the right to believe and worship freely. But that inalienable right – one that deserves our persistent defense – is too often attacked by those filled with hate.

Theirs is an ideology of division, anger and fear. Ours must be one of unity, love, and mutual respect.

But when Americans look for leadership, comfort and reassurance in the face of senseless violence targeting houses of worship, they don’t find an appeal to unity. It’s not that the president doesn’t offer condolences or loose condemnations. But what little consolation he offers is usually rote and contradicted in principle within days. Even as he denounces violence from one side of his mouth, from the other he excuses the voices of hate and division and sometimes even amplifies them directly.

The ultimate result is a feeling of empowerment amongst those who believe that they are fighting a war for their hateful ideology, and a belief that their violence will be welcomed. That is the power and danger of complacency in the face of terror.

That’s why we must not be complacent. We, as a nation and as a people, must stand openly and loudly for equality, liberty, and unity. We must prove that America will never accept bigotry and religious intolerance, and that we will confront it with a united front. Together, our voice is even stronger than any president’s. We must use it to redouble our commitment to the liberty of all people, and the acceptance of all faiths.

He’s running…from accountability

Only hours into his first term, Donald Trump filed for reelection. Only a year in, he started holding rallies. You’d be excused for thinking that the president likes running for office a whole lot more than he likes working for us.

Even though we’ve known his intentions for a long time, this week has proven something we’ve long said: he’s running. No, we don’t mean for office. He’s running away.

Away from the scandals swarming his administration…away from Congressional oversight and investigations…away from accountability.

It’s up to us to make sure the president is held accountable to the law and to the American people. Will you help us make sure he can’t run away from responsibility?

Just this week, as Americans paid their taxes, the president took extraordinary measures to avoid showing his own taxes. His Treasury Secretary flagrantly violated the law by refusing to give tax documents to Congress. His press secretary insulted Congress’ intelligence to argue they shouldn’t see the documents. And the president threatened to sue his own accountants if they complied with Congress’ lawful request.

On Thursday, the American people will finally get to read for themselves some of Special Counsel Mueller’s findings. But rather than welcome the transparency of a document which Trump insists “totally exonerates” him, he’s calling career law enforcement officers treasonous and demanding his own investigations.

Lies, slander, and fear. That’s how Trump hopes to run away from accountability, and towards another 4 years in power. We can’t let that happen.

His campaign has already announced that they raised $30 million this year. While they’ve spent only a fraction of it so far, they’ve made sure that $168,000 of it has gone to his own businesses, supplementing the hundreds of thousands that have been funneled through ‘consultants’ to line his own pockets. The grift will continue unless we demand better.

There will be more money, more lies, and more running in the year and a half to come. So, we have to be ready to hold fast and stand up for accountability.

Fear 2020

Kirstjen Nielsen is out.

Nielsen, Trump’s second choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was reportedly not harsh enough on immigrants in the President’s eyes.

While she went along with and covered for policies that caged toddlers, separating them from their parents sometimes indefinitely to deter border crossings, she stopped short of outright law-breaking… and for that, she faced Trump’s wrath and the end of her tenure.

Last week, the President also withdrew his nominee for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) director. In both cases, the president wants to “upgrade” to people who take a harsher approach to immigrants and asylum seekers – who he again referred to as ‘animals’ – even if it means breaking the law for him.

Events this week forewarn an increasingly anti-immigrant, fear-driven campaign by President Trump as he runs for reelection in 2020. More “national emergencies” and manufactured crises.

While we certainly need to secure our borders and improve our immigration system, that’s not what the president is doing. Instead it’s all theater, pretending to solve problems by playing not to American values, but instead to fear and resentment.

Fear-mongering will continue until we all stand up and reject such divisive, hateful political tactics. That’s why Stand Up Republic is committed to fighting back, and we call on you to join us as we defend and promote the value of a diverse American culture and society.

This fight is not going away. In the coming election, the voices of hate and anger will only get louder. So we must work every day in pursuit of that more perfect union, where one’s value is not determined by their background or skin color.

E Pluribus Unum. 

We need to fight for the truth

After nearly two years, the special counsel has completed its investigation, leaving behind a trail of criminal convictions, related investigations, and one as-yet unpublished report. Attorney General Barr has also provided his interpretation of the findings to Congress, most notably declaring that Mueller’s work did not prove any crime by the president. What else Mueller may have discovered, however, remains a mystery to everyone but DoJ officials hand picked by the president.

We the people need to hear the full truth, in Mr. Mueller’s own words. Will you add your name to the list of those demanding a public release of the Mueller report?

Already we know that agents from Moscow approached several different members of the Trump campaign. Rather than report their efforts to undermine our democracy, Trump campaign officials, including his own son and son in law, took their meetings and hid their efforts. Trump’s campaign chairman even shared sensitive campaign polling data with a Kremlin agent.

Maybe that doesn’t violate the law. But it’s certainly unacceptable behavior from anyone who wants to lead our nation. What other details have we not been allowed to see? Did Trump himself know we were under attack and do nothing to stop it? Or was he a hapless enabler, clueless to obvious and overt efforts by foreign agents to subvert our elections?

We can’t know, and we can’t hold our leaders accountable, until we see Mueller’s findings for ourselves.

Most likely Trump was fully aware of the Kremlin’s attacks, but too interested in reaping the financial and electoral benefits to stand up in defense of our country. We cannot hold the president accountable – for better or for worse – without the facts.

AG Barr must provide the details of Mueller’s findings to the American people, and Congress must do its duty to ensure that a full and faithful accounting of the investigation is available for everyone to read for themselves.