Policy Director
The Policy Director will lead on all policy and legislative matters for Stand Up Republic and Stand Up Republic Foundation, both internally with our team and externally with our partners. [...]
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Four Things We Must Hear in the Debates this Week
Tonight, the presidential race for 2020 begins in earnest with the first Democratic primary debates. With 20 candidates taking the stage over the next two nights — and more watching [...]
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New Ad on Trump’s TV
Last week, Donald Trump officially announced his reelection campaign. He made the announcement with all the same rage, fear, and scapegoating he did in 2016. He’s hoping the same playbook [...]
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Another Win for Fairer Elections
Yesterday was an important reminder that any progress we make to improve our elections has to be rigorously defended. In this case, racially drawn districts in Virginia had been ruled [...]
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Another Win for Electoral Reform
Great news out of New York City! Thanks to the efforts of electoral reform advocates in New York, ranked choice voting (RCV) will be on the ballot in the city [...]
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Trump Lays Out the Welcome Mat to Dangerous Dictators.
Over the past two years Trump has hosted Viktor Orban from Hungary, Recep Tayyip Erdogan from Turkey, and Jair Bolsonaro from Brazil, at the White House. He’s invited Xi Jinping, [...]
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75 Years Later, the Fight for Liberty is as Crucial as Ever
Almost 75 years ago, American soldiers, joined by allies from across the globe, stormed the beaches of Normandy in a push to defeat the spread of tyranny and genocide. Soldiers [...]
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Welcome to our Latest Intern, Jack!
My name is Jack Merritt, Stand Up Republic’s newest intern for the summer of 2019! I first became familiar with Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn through their 2016 presidential campaign, [...]
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Sign the Petition to Open an Impeachment Inquiry
After two years, Americans finally have the chance to read the results of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation for themselves. Mueller’s report details a “sweeping and systemic” attack on our elections [...]
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