Our Fight for Freedom Echoes Around the World
Almost 250 years ago, America’s founders laid out a grand vision for human freedom and self-rule. It wasn’t perfect, and we continue to strengthen and improve it today. But it [...]
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Dan Bishop: Too Extreme for Us
Stand Up Republic is committed to building a cross-partisan coalition of patriotic Americans dedicated to liberty, truth and equality. But while our efforts are most commonly focused on educating and [...]
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We Can’t Let Them Rewrite American Values
This week, the Trump administration placed further restrictions on legal immigration into the United States, enacting a new rule that would determine green card recipients based on a wealth test. [...]
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White Supremacism is a Terrorist Ideology and We Must Confront it Directly.
The shooting in El Paso this weekend is a horrific reminder of the growing threat which white supremacy and other related ideologies pose to America. For many Americans, these hate-filled [...]
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Which Republicans have stood up to white nationalism
White supremacy is on the rise in America–from an alarming online presence on sites like 8chan and Gab to gatherings at Charlottesville and other neo-Nazi rallies to outright violence. The [...]
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Take Action: Tell Mitch McConnell to Protect our Elections
The Mueller Report, Mueller’s testimony before Congress, the intelligence community, and the Senate’s own report have come to the same conclusion: Our elections are vulnerable and the Russian government, along [...]
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