• on September 1, 2020

5 Ways YOU Can Get Involved in the 2020 Election Cycle

It is no secret that Donald Trump is willing to do whatever it takes to secure a second term as president. We can not give up on our Founders’ intent now. There are ways YOU can help make an impact in this election. Below are five ways you can act TODAY to affect the outcome of this year’s election.

1. Register to vote.  Ensuring you are registered to vote is imperative to participating on election day! You can check your voter registration here. Once you’ve registered to vote, make sure your friends, family, and neighbors do the same. To help raise awareness and encourage others to make an impact in this election, we’ve created a printable card for you to print out and drop off with a personal note to the homes of your friends, family, and neighbors. 

2. Be a poll worker. Volunteer to be a poll worker. Poll workers are the real MVPs on election day! They help set up polling sites, welcome voters, verify registrations, and issue ballots. But due to the pandemic there is a massive shortage of poll workers since most poll works are over the age of 61. With the elderly being at a higher risk for coronavirus, many are understandably opting to stay home and not work the polls. 

3. Request your mail-in ballot! Voting by mail is a safe and secure way to vote. In fact, mail-in voting began on Civil War battlefields, and has been a viable option for more than a century and a half. While every state offers some form of absentee voting, some states require a valid reason, and 30 states have adopted “no-excuse absentee balloting.” To learn more about your state’s vote-by-mail requirements, click here. When it comes to voting by mail, it is important to double check if your state covers the cost of postage on your ballot. If your ballot requires you to apply postage, make sure you know how many stamps your ballot requires. Many ballots require more postage than a standard letter.

4. Vote early. If you are opting to vote in person, take advantage of early voting. Most states open polls for early voting 15-29 days in advance of the general election. Early voting usually means that you can avoid lengthy lines on Election Day. To find out if your state has early in-person voting, click here

5. Make a plan to vote. Last but not least, make a plan to vote ahead of election day and be sure to submit your ballot as soon as possible. Due to these uncertain times, having a plan to vote is important. Whether you are going to show up at the polls or you are choosing to vote-by-mail, knowing your options in advance will make your voting experience a breeze on November 3. 

This is your chance to help turn the direction of our nation, but only if you get involved. As Co-Founder of Stand Up Republic, Mindy Finn once said, “right now your nation needs you. This is your shot, and this is your America. Let’s make it the best that it can be for all.”

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