• on March 8, 2019

A big win today for election integrity

The House of Representatives just took one of the biggest steps towards improving our elections in over a generation. They passed H.R. 1, a sweeping bill to address deficiencies in our electoral systems, increase participation across the board, and make sure our voices are heard even more clearly through our votes.

While HR 1 isn’t perfect, it is a momentous effort to strengthen the foundations of our democracy, and one worth celebrating. Stand Up Republic has been engaged in this process from the beginning, working to make sure our own Electoral Reform Agenda was included. We’re excited to see many of those measures move forward, and welcome serious action to strengthen our elections.

Most importantly, we thank you, the countless Stand Up Republic advocates and supporters who have made democracy and electoral integrity a priority.

But the work is far from over. H.R. 1 faces a difficult road through the Senate, with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell already refusing to let it see a vote. He even said that not one thing in it is “salvageable.” Is there really nothing salvageable about increasing voter registration, reducing gerrymandering, and making it easier for citizens to vote? Shouldn’t the Senate offer their own solutions, and work in good faith to craft the best legislation possible?

We have to press forward, and keep working towards electoral reform at every level of government. That’s why we’re asking you to get involved in three ways.

1: Call Mitch McConnell. The McConnell is acting less like a leader, and more like an obstacle. Let him know that fair elections are a national priority. Call (202) 224-2541 and tell him: “You don’t have to like everything in the bill, but giving up on improving our democracy is unacceptable. Bring H.R. 1 up for a debate, and let the Senate do its job to strengthen our democracy.”

2: Read and share our Electoral Reform Agenda. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to elections. And yet, too few of us think deeply about how our elections work, or how they could work better. Help your friends understand why electoral reform is essential to protecting our democracy.

3: Join Your Local SUR Chapter. Not every reform can, or should, happen at the national level. We need to improve our elections at the county, city, and state level as well. Our state chapters are already advancing our electoral reform agenda in statehouses across the country. Join advocates in your state to strengthen democracy locally in your neighborhoods.

Just three simple actions today could strengthen America for generations. The need for these reforms is urgent. But if the House’s passage of H.R. 1 has proven anything, it’s that they can be achieved. All it will take is a dedicated group of Americans who put our country above party, and are willing to fight for everyone’s right to vote. Thank you for being part of that coalition.

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