• on May 18, 2021

A Call for American Renewal

While the future of the Republican party remains in question, the need to reform or replace it does not. For this reason, we created a common sense coalition of prominent Republican and independent leaders who are committed to driving our politics back from the brink of chaos and disunity, laying the foundations for a new political home in America.

A Call for American Renewal is a rallying cry for pragmatists everywhere. Together, we’ll stand against the fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists and we’ll invest in a deeper pro-democracy bench by recruiting a new generation of principled leaders. 

Our nation’s future should not be dictated by a single person but by principles that bind us together. We are committed to the following principles: 

Democracy. We support reforms that make our system more accessible, transparent, and competitive, oppose the disenfranchisement of voters, and reject populism and illiberalism, whether of the right or the left. 

Founding Ideals. We condemn all forms of bigotry such as racism, religious intolerance, sexism, and persecution based on sexual orientation. 

Constitutional Order. We honor the essential separation and balance the Constitution establishes among coequal branches of the federal government and the states.

Rule of Law. No one is above the law, and our criminal justice system must treat everyone equally without discrimination based on race, status or other unrelated factors. 

Truth. We oppose the employment of fear-mongering, conspiracism, and falsehoods and instead support evidence-based policymaking and honest discourse.

Ethical Government. The absence of integrity and honor among elected and aspiring leaders is a harbinger for corruption and abuse of power, which threatens our republic.

Pluralism. We reject the notion that America should be characterized by the races, birthplaces, religious affiliations, or partisan identities of its founders or groups of its citizens.

Civic Responsibility. Thriving communities are built by faithfully engaged citizens working to overcome differences with mutual respect and the bonds of civil affection. 

Opportunity. We support sensible and limited regulation, ensuring equal opportunity, and affirming the government’s vital role in assisting vulnerable citizens, while encouraging self-reliance and ingenuity without the impediments of cronyism. 

Free Speech. We sustain the rights of individuals and private entities to exercise this freedom, even to express unpopular views, and condemn efforts to erode press freedom and public support for its vital role. 

Conservation. We accept responsibility to conserve for ourselves and future generations these public assets, and to protect them from both natural and man-made harms.

Common Defense and Welfare. We support policies that further public safety, health, and defense as required for enduring national sovereignty and prosperity. 

Leadership. Having thrived in the abundance of a choice land, America must continue to serve as a beacon of liberty in the world, working with its allies to advance key interests abroad and promote freedom by example.

What once was the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has become the party of Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene. For individuals who believe in principled leadership and aspire to elect honorable representatives, the Republican party is no longer a welcoming home. In the wake of an insurrection, the Republican Party doubled down on their craven ‘power-at-all-costs’ philosophy, making clear their total abandonment of principles.

American politics work best when a variety of political beliefs are honestly and earnestly represented. While our Founding Fathers warned against the dangers of political factions, political parties offer a place for people who share similar ideologies to call home. When any party descends into autocracy, dishonesty or demagoguery, it weakens our national politics, and drags us closer to the precipice of tyranny. 

This is the moment for Americans on the right and in the center to make their stand, and demand a Call for American Renewal that is welcoming to all, stands for truth, freedom and integrity, and selflessly puts country over party no matter the cost. 

We cannot stay quiet in the face of rising political extremism. We must stand up and defend our republic. Join us in our Call for American Renewal.

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Read the Call for American Renewal

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