• on January 6, 2021

An attempted coup

Today was to be a celebration of democracy, to place the final ceremonial seal of approval on another free and fair election and clear the last hurdle to another peaceful transition of presidential power. Instead, more than 140 congressional Republicans hatched a plan to try and overturn our elections, while the President himself rallied and fomented an attempted coup to storm the Capitol building. 

These are the dark and desperate times which we prayed we would avoid, but into which we have been dragged by Donald Trump and his enablers. These actions are straight from the autocrat’s playbook that we’ve warned about along the way. These are the fruits of Trumpism. This is the consequence of lies, conspiracy, and partisanship above principle.

We are sad. We are furious. And as ever we are passionate about the cause of American democracy. Even in these dark times, let’s channel our righteous anger into a higher purpose, to renew our political culture, rebuild our institutions, and strengthen the defenses against future tyrants and populists. In the days ahead, we will need to repair the destruction this violent mob conducted, and Congress will need to finish it’s duty to certify the election.

Republicans must now publicly and unequivocally make their choice: Our nation of laws or one man. They must drop the lies and ruses and accept our election results. If they could not see before the danger he poses, they must now.

And then, they must impeach and convict Donald Trump. Anything less would be a betrayal of our nation and a violation of their oath.

Today’s events are a travesty, but we will heal our Republic. Congress will finish their duty and confirm the election results. A new, and more unifying leader will be inaugurated. The enemies of democracy cannot succeed when we stand united. There are brighter days before us, but we must work together, putting party and politics aside, to usher in that more prosperous and united future for all Americans. That is our solemn duty as citizens. That is our sacred work as we move the nation forward out of the darkness.

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