• on June 18, 2019

Another Win for Fairer Elections

Yesterday was an important reminder that any progress we make to improve our elections has to be rigorously defended.

In this case, racially drawn districts in Virginia had been ruled unconstitutional by a lower court. And yet, the VA House of Delegates, the one branch of government controlled by the GOP, sued to try to keep their partisan, biased district lines.

This time, the Supreme Court decided that the House of Delegates couldn’t challenge the court’s ruling on their own, and deferred to lower court ruling and the state of Virginia’s acceptance of that ruling. It’s far from a silver bullet in the fight against racial or partisan gerrymandering, but it is a victory.

Crucially, it means that Virginia voters will have freer, fairer elections in their upcoming votes. Now we need to make sure citizens in every state can have the confidence that their representation is determined by their votes, and not by partisan manipulation.

That’s why Stand Up Republic is committed to ending gerrymandering through independent commissions, either bipartisan or nonpartisan, to draw district lines. This common-sense proposal would ensure that districts are drawn impartially, enhancing competition and representation of all voters in the district.

The Supreme Court’s decision yesterday will, at the very least, help protect redistricting efforts by raising the bar for lawsuits designed to turn back the clock on election reform. But the fight is far from over. There’s much more work to be done to improve our democracy and enhance the power of all citizens to hold their government accountable.

Will you join us in the fight for electoral reform?

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