Principled Republicans to Host Counter-Convention, Outline New Trajectory for GOP
RELEASE: Stand Up Republic launches Republicans for a New President, to Host Counter-Convention
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Stand Up Republic Launches “Republicans for a New President” and announces the “Convention on Founding…
We’re excited to announce that Stand Up Republic, in partnership with Principles First, will be hosting a counter convention concurrent with the Republican National Convention this August.
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Join Us: Holding Safe Elections During COVID-19
Join Stand Up Republic and Principles First for a discussion with expert panelists on how we can ensure our elections are safe and secure during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Stand Up Republic and other leading pro-democracy groups call for action to protect our elections
Stand Up Republic along with its co-signers of other leading pro-democracy organizations are urging Congress to come together and protect the American people, our elections, and our democratic republic.
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Voter Fraud: Debunking the Myths
Despite what some politicians and media outlets say, the risk of voter fraud in the United States is very low and will remain low even as vote-by-mail expands across the [...]
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Vote-by-mail: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.
In light of this global coronavirus pandemic, voters should not have to choose between exercising their right to vote and preserving their health.
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A few important things you can do to help others
Crises can test the strength and resolve of any society. They create fear, and in the case of the coronavirus, they forcibly divide us from one another. But crises also [...]
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Tell Congress: we need vote-by-mail!
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic will make in-person voting extremely difficult and impossible for some voters this year. That's why we need Congress to appropriate funds for states to make vote-by-mail [...]
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Coronavirus: be prepared, be practical, be proactive
While the coronavirus continues to spread in the US and globally, it’s critical that we work together as a nation to prepare and respond to this public health threat.
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Our Biggest Event Yet!
We showed strength in numbers on Saturday, and this is just the start! Together, we can amplify our voices and show what it means to be principled in our beliefs. [...]
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