The Truth About the “Ratcliffe Memo”
It shouldn’t shock you to learn that the "Ratcliffe Memo" is an incoherent conspiracy that originated from Russian intelligence services.
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Introducing Chann & Christian, SUR Interns
Stand Up Republic loves hosting interns from across the country who are interested in working to strengthen American democracy. Meet our current crop of enthusiastic and talented interns, Chann and [...]
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SUR’s statement on the end of the Mueller investigation
After nearly two years of investigations, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr, who has provided his summary of the principal findings.
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The Florida Legislature should listen to voters, not undermine their electoral reforms
Last year, Floridians overwhelmingly voted to restore voting rights for many ex-felons (except for the most violent offenders) after they had served their time, including probation.
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The president’s words have power, so we must lift our voices even higher
We expect our president to be hard at work, even on weekends. So when Trump spends his weekend tweeting support for islamophobic TV hosts, hate for an American hero, and [...]
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The Senate stands up to Trump’s power grab
Just now, the Senate voted to rein in the president’s wanton abuse of power by voting to block his dangerous, false ‘emergency’ declaration.
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A big win today for election integrity
While HR 1 isn’t perfect, it is a momentous effort to strengthen the foundations of our democracy, and one worth celebrating.
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What happened at the National Summit for Democracy
There’s something refreshing - invigorating, even - about knowing that you are not alone in the fight to defend our democracy. That feeling of hope and enthusiasm was on full [...]
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Welcome our Latest Intern, Pierre Saint-Perez
"None of us chose to live in this time, as everything that we have built is in danger of tearing itself down. But we can make the most of it."
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Trump’s State of the Union; his most populist appeal yet
Let's be real: the state of the union is divided, and under continuous attack. The Kremlin continues their efforts to undermine our democracy, while the Trump administration does the minimum [...]
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