Declare Your Support for Articles of Impeachment
Have you had enough of the corruption and obstruction from the President and his cronies on Capitol Hill? America needs to hear from you. Trump and his public defenders are still [...]
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The Impeachment Articles are More Than Justified; Declare Your Support
The majority of the House of Representatives have finally seen enough, and so, for only the fourth time in our nation’s history, articles of impeachment have been drafted against a [...]
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Today, Give the Gift of Democracy
For nearly three years, Stand Up Republic has worked tirelessly to build a nationwide, cross-partisan coalition to protect and strengthen our democracy. Thanks to dedicated SUR supporters and volunteers, that [...]
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This Thanksgiving, take a moment to remember our democracy
Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday. Other countries have days celebrating their founding, or their founders, or their history. But Thanksgiving stands out among holidays as a national day of [...]
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I want my children to have a chance to enjoy their freedoms…right now I’m not…
My family’s roots in the Old Dominion go back to 1629 on my mother’s side and 1656 on my father’s; to say I have Virginia’s best interest at heart would [...]
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Senate Republicans Refuse to Secure our Elections
This week, Senate Republicans blocked five measures that would have strengthened our electoral system and protected it from foreign interference. These bills are critically important to the betterment of our [...]
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What we Learned from Trump’s Ukraine Call
Trump swore it was a perfect call. He said we’d be embarrassed for making a big deal out of it. But the only embarrassment is the shame we feel at [...]
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You Called for an Impeachment Inquiry, It Worked
Today, the House majority announced the formal initiation of an impeachment inquiry into the President of the United States. While it is deeply unfortunate that such a step is necessary, [...]
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BREAKING: McConnell Agrees to Election Security Funding
After nearly 3 years of delay, denial, and distraction, our efforts to push Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to secure America’s elections has scored another victory. He announced today that [...]
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Help End the Abuse of Emergency Powers
Throughout his presidency, Trump has continually threatened to expand his power, declaring national emergencies and ignoring constitutional limitations. Last week alone, Trump made a stunning Twitter declaration that American companies [...]
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