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BREAKING: McConnell Agrees to Election Security Funding

After nearly 3 years of delay, denial, and distraction, our efforts to push Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to secure America’s elections has scored another victory. He announced today that he will finally allow the Senate to vote on $250 million in new election security funding.

Despite overwhelming evidence that our democracy is under assault by foreign actors, McConnell has routinely blocked efforts to protect and improve our election systems.

In the face of his obstruction, Stand Up Republic has led the fight to pressure McConnell and other Senate Republicans to act. Your phone calls, emails, and advocacy have made the Senate’s inaction untenable. This new, small step towards more secure elections is a direct result of your dedication and advocacy.

And now, with momentum on our side, the fight continues until the threats to our elections have been fully addressed. 

As it stands, McConnell continues to block bipartisan bills that would make political ads more transparent, punish foreign adversaries who attack our elections, and finally create a legal obligation for campaign officials to report foreign efforts to interfere in our campaigns.

That’s why we’re convening a delegation of Stand Up Republic members from across the nation in Washington next week. Your fellow Stand Up Republic members will get trained and equipped to make their voice heard, and then head to Capitol Hill for dozens of meetings with House and Senate offices to demand support for critical measures to secure our elections. 

Election security cannot be an afterthought and cannot be taken for granted. There’s no better way to keep it on the forefront of Congress’ minds than to hear directly from their constituents.

So even if you won’t be with us in Washington for Hill Days, we ask you to join our efforts. Call your representatives and demand they take action now to secure our elections.

McConnell’s reluctant embrace of further election security funding proves how effective we can be when we come together to demand action. But we cannot settle for half-measures or the bare minimum. So let’s keep the pressure on, until we know that our elections are safe from interference.