The Emergence of Two Americas After January 6th
Anyone who has sided with treason over truth and refuses to put the constitution and the American people first must be voted out. We cannot continue down this path where [...]
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Biden Seeks to Combat Domestic Terrorism
The administration’s commitment to confronting, defusing and countering homegrown terror is a welcome change from the last administration’s approval and encouragement of conspiracy and hate-fueled extremist groups.
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Statement on Biden Administration Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism
Terrorism is anathema to democracy and liberty. It does not matter if it comes from beyond our borders or is perpetrated by members of our American community.
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An update on some of the biggest issues affecting our democracy today
An update on some of the biggest issues affecting our democracy today.
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Congress failed to create a Jan. 6th commission. Now what?
The January 6th attack on the Capitol Building was unprecedented in the history of American democracy.
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Statement on 1/6 Commission Vote
It’s trite to say that the Republican Party has sunken to a new low, but with today’s vote to block a January 6th Commission, they proved once again that there [...]
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A Call for American Renewal
A Call for American Renewal is a rallying cry for pragmatists everywhere. Together, we’ll stand against the fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists and we’ll invest in a deeper pro-democracy bench by [...]
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Redoubling our commitment to democracy
As Americans, we have been blessed with the inheritance of a government of, by, and for the people. We are the last best hope of humankind on Earth. As custodians [...]
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Three reasons to be optimistic about our democracy
Despite what one might hear on cable news or read online, here are three reasons we should be optimistic about our democracy.
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Recap of SUR’s Texas Hill Day
The threats to voting rights are very real. SUR Texas will keep fighting to protect the voting rights of all eligible voters. We need your help to do it. If [...]
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