• on November 7, 2020


After four arduous years, we have finally won the fight against Donald Trump’s corrupt, corrosive presidency. While America awaits the official certification of results in every state, the reported vote totals are more than enough to declare Joe Biden our next President. This is a momentous victory, one worth taking a moment to celebrate.

We should also take a moment to celebrate a historic first for our country, the first woman as well as a woman of color to be elected to the Vice Presidency, Kamala Harris. Regardless of any political differences, that is an accomplishment worthy of our respect, admiration and appreciation.

Our election is not a victory for Biden or his party, it is a victory for the American Republic.

This triumph wouldn’t have been possible without a robust and courageous contingent of Americans who put country over party to oppose a dangerous aspiring dictator in the Oval Office. Partisanship did not win this day, patriotism did.

It’s hard to understate the depths to which Donald Trump tried to steer our nation away from liberty and democracy, attacking the rule of law, truth itself, and even our constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. Many Americans despaired at his daily assaults on our ideals, norms, and institutions. But we did not give in. We fought on, every day, and we won.

This cross-partisan coalition was the difference between a new opportunity to reform and rebuild, and another four years of withering assaults on freedom and decency. Take a moment today to reflect on the hard work you’ve done and rejoice in the knowledge that it paid off.

To be sure, the fight is not over. There are dangers lurking in the coming months, Trumpism is far from dead and gone, and there are years of work ahead of us to strengthen and renew our republic. But this electoral victory has the potential to be a watershed moment for our democracy, stemming the tide of extremism, conspiracy and division. The pathway to a revitalized America became much more clear today. It is up to us to walk it.

We have been honored to stand up side by side with you in this crucial fight. Together we have changed the course of our nation for the better. And together we can navigate the dangers ahead, forging onward to a more prosperous, united future. Thank you for standing up, and for everything you’ve given and sacrificed to defend democracy in America.

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Anyone who has sided with treason over truth and refuses to put the constitution and the American people first must be voted out. We cannot continue down this path where the two Americas cannot even agree that democracy is worth protecting.
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