• on December 16, 2019

Declare Your Support for Articles of Impeachment

Have you had enough of the corruption and obstruction from the President and his cronies on Capitol Hill? America needs to hear from you. Trump and his public defenders are still trying to paint this as a partisan process refusing to acknowledge the truth and instead calling it their favorite false cliche: a witch hunt. But that’s not what we’ve seen throughout this process. On the contrary, the full case has been made for impeachment, with a litany of witnesses testifying to the facts, and only lies, obstruction and cover ups being called for the president’s defense.. 

This inquiry has been very much ‘by the book’ and many of the witnesses have been Trump administration officials who’s only focus is protecting our national security and standing on the world stage, politics seems to be the furthest thing from their minds. 

This isn’t about politics for us either, it’s about upholding the constitution and preserving the future of our nation. We’ve reached the point where impeachment is the only option. Our elected leaders have to know that if they intend to represent us and defend the Constitution, they have no choice but to support impeachment . Declare your support for impeachment today by downloading our action kits, sharing them on social media, or better yet – taking it to the streets at any demonstration or rally you attend. If we all join together we can shatter this false narrative that the President and his allies have created. Will you help us take the movement nationwide?



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