• on July 29, 2019

Defend our Elections

Our democracy, and democracies around the world, are facing unprecedented challenges. Outdated elections systems. The rise of anti-freedom movements. Corrupt politicians. And foreign interference in the form of hacking and sweeping disinformation campaigns.


Last week, just hours after Robert Mueller testified that Moscow and other foreign powers are still meddling in our elections, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked critical legislation to secure our elections. McConnell’s move came even as the Senate Intelligence Committee issued their bipartisan report highlighting our election system’s significant vulnerabilities. 


With the 2020 elections just over a year away, we need to fight to ensure that we–and no one else–still determine our leaders. We need you to come to our nation’s capital, meet with your representatives, and urge them to pass legislation that protects our elections.


Join Us for Hill Days!


Stand Up Republic is hosting a two-day event which will bring concerned Americans just like you from across the nation together for training and direct advocacy with elected representatives. On Monday, September 23rd you’ll meet SUR staff, hear from experts in the reform movement, network with like-minded people from across the country, and receive advocacy and organizing training. Then, on Tuesday the 24th, we take to the Hill! You’ll meet with your members of Congress and their staff about legislation focused on securing our elections and improving our democracy.


September 23-24, 2019 Where: Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. Why: To secure our elections! 


Our elections are the heart of our system of self-government and the mechanism through which we select our leaders and hold them accountable. If we allow foreign adversaries and corrupt politicians to deprive us of this essential power, we are ceding our liberty to them. Without free and fair elections, we cannot remain free.


It is critical that members of Congress and their staff hear from you, their constituents. We need your help to show Congress that there is a strong network of Americans who care about protecting our democracy and securing our elections. 


Stand up and join us in September for Hill Days! 

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