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How Transparency Can Help Defuse Disinformation From Botnets, Sockpuppets, and Online Trolls
Mandating commercial marketing firms that provide synthetic social-behavioral marketing through paid sockpuppets, botnets, or human influencers disclose their work would not address all propaganda, but it will certainly bring some of the most effective manipulation tactics into the sunlight.
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How Sunshine Could Prevent “Trolling as a Service” from Becoming Normal in Politics
Mandating that commercial firms that sell "trolling as a service," create sock puppets or set up "false news" pages disclose that work would help mitigate misinformation.
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Introducing the Defusing Disinformation Project
Defusing disinformation and mitigating misinformation have become critical needs for democracies everywhere. That's why this project exists. Let's get started!
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Molly K. McKew (@MollyMcKew) is a writer and researcher of information warfare at the New Media Frontier. She previously worked as an adviser to the Georgian President Saakashvili and his National Security Council; as an adviser to former Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat; and as the director of a project in the Baltic states to counter disinformation and propaganda. She is a member of the board of Stand Up Republican Foundation.

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