• on January 7, 2021

Tell your senators, vote to convict!

On January 6th, we saw domestic terrorists and insurrectionists attack the United States Capitol while Congress was engaged in their constitutional duty to count the votes of the Electoral College.

This attempted coup was incited by President Trump, his associates, and sadly many Republican members of Congress. While Trump is scheduled to leave the White House on January 20th, he can do tremendous damage to this country with his remaining days in office.

On January 13th, the House took action and voted to impeach the president in the most bipartisan impeachment vote in our nation’s history — now, he must be removed from office.

Donald Trump must be held accountable. Tell your Senators, vote to convict.

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categories: Advocacy
The Emergence of Two Americas After January 6th
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Anyone who has sided with treason over truth and refuses to put the constitution and the American people first must be voted out. We cannot continue down this path where the two Americas cannot even agree that democracy is worth protecting.
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