As we continue the fight to strengthen and defend our democracy, we need your help.  

Stand Up Republic works to advance electoral reform, foster a pluralistic society, ensure an accountable government, and promote healthy media. These are significant problems that require we the people united to address them.

Between our state chapters and the incredible work our grassroots leaders are doing in communities across the country, our growing grassroots network is already having a positive impact. But, in today’s world, digital organizing is crucial to any effective movement. That’s why we need you to join our Digital Ambassadors Program.

We’ve all seen the divisive noise that is out there on the internet. Between disinformation, trolls, and bots, it is so important that we have real people sharing a genuine and unifying message on matters critical to protecting and advancing liberty and justice in America.

That’s where you come in! 

As leaders in Stand Up Republic’s grassroots organization, our Digital Ambassadors will play a crucial role in defending and improving our democracy by expanding the network’s influence and reach for that purpose.

Dedicated volunteers will advocate for democracy by sharing Stand Up’s message on social media, increasing our digital reach, and ultimately help us recruit more Americans to join us in defending and strengthening our democracy.

To be a Digital Ambassador you must be, or become, comfortable using social media. Your main responsibility will be to help us share our message and engage with people on the platforms you use, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

 With your help, we’ll broaden the reach of our growing pro-democracy network by: 

  • Monitoring Stand Up’s social media for updates to share, like, and retweet content in order to inform, engage, and inspire more Americans to join our work
  • Commenting on our social media posts to stimulate conversation among like-minded and interested individuals who recognize that our democracy is under threat and want to do something about it
  • Monitoring and sharing carefully curated news stories and opinion pieces from The Topline to help inform our community
  • Flagging important international, national and local news stories that we should highlight
  • Sharing Stand Up’s advocacy actions and encouraging people to take action whether by sending messages to their members of Congress, participating in call-in campaigns, or signing online petitions
  • Coordinating with like-minded Stand Up supporters from around the country and helping the network stay aware of interests and issues from around the country
  • Replying to relevant posts from other people/organizations and directing them to relevant Stand Up material and informing them about our work
  • Countering attacks/disinformation with true information and sources provided by Stand Up and other credible sources
  • Supporting Stand Up’s State Chapters by raising awareness of their message, events, and other work

If you are interested in becoming a Digital Ambassador, please fill out this application and someone from the Stand Up team will be in touch with you on next steps.

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