• on January 15, 2020

Impeachment is in the Senate’s hands. Justice is in ours.

After a month of speculation and negotiation, the articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump are finally in the Senate’s hands for trial. In that time, our expectations for what the trial will entail have changed radically. 

When the House first impeached, Mitch McConnell wanted to dismiss the charges outright. But we fought back. Now, he has started to see that he can’t sweep impeachment under the rug. Help us keep the fight going. 

We’ve been targeting key Republican Senators and urging them to give America the fair and full trial we deserve by demanding witnesses be called. Those efforts are paying off. The cracks in Mitch’s wall are growing larger by the day, as more and more Senators see that their constituents will settle for nothing less than a full trial. The tide is turning in favor of calling witnesses.

But that doesn’t mean our work is done. We have to keep the pressure on our Senators to ensure that they stand up for a full and fair trial, including relevant witnesses. 

The mere fact that the Senate has finally received articles of impeachment proves just how powerful we are when we stand together for truth and justice. If the Senate honors its oath, calling pertinent witnesses, it will be because we demanded it. That is the power and significance of our work. 

In the days ahead, our Republic and our Constitution will be tested by the most solemn and serious process our founders imagined. It’s imperative that Senators conduct this trial faithfully, with the decorum and solemnity that a measure of this gravity requires. 

Our elected leaders are ultimately responsible for this process. But we as citizens are critical in ensuring that they stay on the right path, putting country over party and following the facts wherever they lead. If they forgo their duties to the Constitution and instead put forth a sham trail designed to protect the president, it will be our duty to hold them accoutnable. An unfair trial wouldn’t be a political win, it would be an assault on our American values, putting the president above the law and eroding the strength of our Constitutional Republic.

Join us in demanding the Senate trial be carried out fully and faithfully.

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