In recent years, the United States has seen threats to our democracy grow. Voters’ confidence in our elections and our institutions continues to drop at a worrying rate. If something is not done soon to restore confidence in our democracy and protect it from growing threats, then our system of government remains at risk.

Stand Up Republic supports pro-democracy legislation that creates meaningful reforms and strengthens our democracy. That is why we are supporting the For the People Act, a comprehensive reform package aimed at strengthening American democracy.

What it will do

To protect our elections and voters’ access to the polls, the For the People Act will:

  • Protect voters’ ability to vote-by-mail and to vote early
  • Require a mandatory paper trail for all votes
  • End gerrymandering through non-partisan redistricting
  • Strengthen cybersecurity
  • Require campaigns to report any foreign contacts

To improve Executive Branch oversight, the For the People Act will:

  • Require the president and vice president to divest from their financial interests, which pose a conflict of interest
  • Require president and vice president to release their tax returns
  • Improve ethics rules enforcement

To strengthen campaign finance laws, the For the People Act will:

  • Make political advertisements more transparent, especially digital political ads
  • Prohibit foreign nationals from purchasing political ads
  • Close some dark money loopholes

To read more about what is included in the For the People Act click here to for an in-depth section-by-section bill summary. 

The House of Representatives has already passed the For the People Act. Now we need your help to urge your Senators to pass the bill. Click here to send a message to your Senators and urge them to support the For the People Act. 

Click to Contact Your Senators Now!

We are seeing a growing trend of voter suppression bills being introduced by Republican lawmakers at the state and local level across the country. And as Kimberly Wehle recently explained in The Bulwark, they are saying the quiet part out loud.

What makes the legal landscape different from just six months ago is that Republican politicians across the country aren’t even pretending anymore that voter fraud justifies these and other ballot restrictions. At oral argument in the Brnovich case, Justice Amy Coney Barrett aptly asked Michael Carvin, counsel for the Arizona GOP, what his client’s interest is “in keeping out-of-precinct voter disqualification rules on the books.” Carvin’s response was blunt: “Because it puts us at a competitive disadvantage relative to Democrats. Politics is a zero-sum game. It’s the difference between winning an election . . . and losing.”

This explanation has zero to do with election integrity or fraud. As Bill Kristol explained this week, we are in a fight for the survival of democracy itself. And the opponent of ‘We the People’ is the Republican party.

Given the growing voter suppression tactics that the GOP is trying to implement, it is clear we need the For the People Act to become law. 

Stand Up and take action today: Contact Your Senators Now!

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