Confidence in U.S. elections continues to decline. Many elected leaders and others are doing everything they can to sow distrust in our electoral process and to make it harder for everyday Americans to vote. It is important that action be taken to not only protect our elections from threats, increasing voter confidence in the process, but to also ensure voters are not obstructed as they cast their vote.

Stand Up Republic supports pro-democracy legislation that creates meaningful reforms and strengthens our democracy. That is why we are supporting The Freedom to Vote Act, legislation that will protect our elections and strengthen our democracy.

What it will do

To ensure that voting remains easy, accessible, and safe, The Freedom to Vote Act will:

  • Institute automatic voter registration and online voter registration for all states
  • Make Election Day a national holiday
  • Allow voters to vote early and by mail
  • Allow for same day voter registration

To ensure that our election process is secure, The Freedom to Vote Act will:

  • Prevent state election subversion by increasing protections for local election administrators to prevent their removal for political purposes
  • Better protect election records, election infrastructure, and ballot tabulation
  • Require voter-verified paper ballots, reliable audits, and voting system upgrades
  • Establish duty to report foreign election interference for federal campaigns
  • Create standards for voter identification in states that have voter ID laws: 
    • The text of the bill refers to this identification as ‘applicable identifying documents’. A few examples of acceptable identifying documents include:
      • Driver’s license
      • Passport
      • A student identification card
      • A military identification card
      • A birth certificate
      • Hunting or fishing license issued by the state
      • Or even a bank or debit card

To empower voters, The Freedom to Vote Act will:

  • Ban gerrymandering and institute non-partisan redistricting reform
  • Combat Secret Money and Election Interference

To read more about what is included in The Freedom to Vote Act, click here for an in-depth summary.

The text of the bill can be found here.

Click here to send a message to your senators urging them to support the Freedom to Vote Act.

During the 2020 election, voters saw some candidates and political leaders doing everything they could to sow distrust in the election process. Some candidates even claimed that the vote was fraudulent even before any votes were cast. Sadly, since the election, state legislatures introduced hundreds of bills aimed at limiting voting access.

To protect the right to vote, action must be taken at the federal level. The right to vote should be protected for all eligible Americans. The Freedom to Vote Act would not only protect and enhance the right to vote, but it would also protect election integrity and help all voters have confidence in the country’s elections.

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