• on August 15, 2019

Dan Bishop: Too Extreme for Us

Stand Up Republic is committed to building a cross-partisan coalition of patriotic Americans dedicated to liberty, truth and equality. But while our efforts are most commonly focused on educating and mobilizing Americans to improve and defend our democracy, we also get involved in elections, when a candidate is clearly unfit for office. Our previous campaign efforts have included opposition to Roy Moore, Steve King, and Devin Nunes. The bar for SUR to engage in elections is very high, and always in opposition to candidates who do not meet the high standards we should hold for elected officials.

Dan Bishop has more than met that bar, building a career on extreme, divisive politics, and using his power to protect his party and serve himself. Here are the facts about Dan Bishop.

1: He authored the infamous and failed bathroom bill, which embarrassed North Carolina, had to be repealed, and is still costing the state billions of dollars in economic damage.

2: He is a proud investor in the extremist social media website “Gab.” Just days after neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville and killed a young woman, Bishop read about Gab, a website that welcomed those white supremacists and gave a platform to their hate. So he opened his wallet and invested in that site. He helped build the site which the Pittsburgh shooter would later use to announce his murder spree at a synagogue, and on which mass murderers like the El Paso shooter are celebrated. He’s never apologized for his investment, and in fact, when we ran our ad about it, he threatened to sue us. So much for Dan Bishop’s belief in free speech.

3: When Bishop’s party leaders were caught turning a blind eye to their old candidate’s, Dan Bishop failed to hold them accountable. Instead, he changed the rules so that he could run in a redo election. As a Vice Chairman of the Senate’s committee responsible for elections, Dan Bishop should’ve been far more concerned with ballot fraud. Sadly, he just didn’t seem that worried when it was HIS party committing fraud. And when they got caught, he worked with them to change the rules so that he could run in a new election.

By enabling his party’s fraud and supporting neo-Nazi and white supremacist platform, Dan Bishop has proven that he is not fit for office. North Carolinians deserve better, and they should unite against Bishop’s divisive and dishonest candidacy.

Paid for by Stand Up Republic, a tax exempt, section 501c4 organization.

North Carolina deserves better than Dan Bishop.

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