• on June 25, 2019

New Ad on Trump’s TV

Last week, Donald Trump officially announced his reelection campaign. He made the announcement with all the same rage, fear, and scapegoating he did in 2016. He’s hoping the same playbook will work again, including the Russian interference. But we can’t let that happen. Congress must hold him accountable.

That’s why all this week, we’re running our new ad calling for an impeachment inquiry on the president’s favorite entertainment: Fox News. Watch it for yourself:

In 2016, Moscow attacked the heart of our democracy to throw our elections. Since then, President Trump and his allies have worked tirelessly to cover up that fact. Even after Robert Mueller’s 2-year investigation exposed countless efforts to work with Kremlin agents and obstruct the investigation, Trump is still trying to stonewall Congress and bury the truth.

The president is knowingly upending the rule of law when he vows to obstruct Congress’ constitutional authority. And yet only one member of his own party has actually called for impeachment. Tonight’s ad will show them that we are paying attention, we do value our Constitution, and we are working to protect our democracy for generations to come.

But they aren’t the only ones that need to hear that message. Democrats also need to know that we expect them to act. Nancy Pelosi and others are scared of how it will look politically. But we can’t let the election get in the way of defending our democracy. We can’t wait, and failing to hold Trump accountable could give him a huge advantage in 2020.

We need to get this ad in front of even more people, just $5, $10, or $25 could help us reach even more people, and ramp up the pressure on Congress. 

We know that an impeachment inquiry is a very serious matter. It isn’t something we call for lightly. It’s the result of years of investigation and mountains of proof of corruption and obstruction. That evidence points to just one conclusion: an impeachment inquiry is necessary to defend our nation.

This is not about politics, our democracy is at stake. We know that the Kremlin will interfere in 2020 – and in a much bigger way than they did in 2016 – if we don’t close the loopholes they’re exploiting. But we cannot work with a White House so intent on being obstructive. Conservatives, liberals and independents alike must hold the president accountable now or risk our ability to do so ever.

Help us put the pressure on, to ensure Congress acts now.

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