• on March 4, 2020

Our Biggest Event Yet!

Encouraging. Uplifting. Inspiring.

Those were the three words most frequently used to describe Saturday’s inaugural Summit on Principled Conservatism at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

In partnership with grassroots group Principles First, Stand Up Republic gathered 300 patriots to show strength both in numbers and ideas for what it means to be a conservative. We heard from 27 experts from all backgrounds discussing a number of topics, including:

What Is Principled Conservatism?

The Politics of Conservatism

The Constitution and Rule of Law

Conservative Foreign Policy and Trade

The Future of Conservatism

Encouraging: So many Americans, and not just conservatives, feel left behind as both parties shift to the political extremes. Summit attendees felt encouraged by the hundreds in attendance and thousands unable to make the trip who feel the same way. After all, most Americans just want their government to work for them, not constantly bicker and name-call.

Uplifting: Just a few minutes of watching cable news these days can create a great deal of pessimism for our future. But, the panel discussions on Saturday were quite the opposite. Positive, forward-looking, and inclusive ideas won the day.

Inspiring: Every American can make a difference in standing up for ideas that solve problems and improve lives. Show up, whether at events like the summit in Washington or gatherings back home. Support local candidates, or run for office yourself.

We showed strength in numbers on Saturday, and this is just the start! Together, we can amplify our voices and show what it means to be principled in our beliefs. Whether you’re conservative, independent, moderate, liberal, progressive, or somewhere in between: principles matter. Truth matters.

Looking forward, we want to hold more gatherings, both in DC and across the country — but we can only continue this momentum and take this show on the road with your help!

Chip in to keep the movement growing!

Every little bit helps!

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