• on March 10, 2021

Our next fight starts today

More than a month ago a joint session of Congress overcame an assault on the Capitol to confirm the election of Joe Biden as President. A week later, America watched as Biden took the oath of office on the very stage desecrated by that domestic terrorist attack. This victory of democracy over the forces of hate, conspiracy and authoritarianism was secured, and a new administration offers us hope that a new American era has begun.

But extremist ideologies and political corruption still threaten the nation, and so our work must continue. As we celebrate our successes, Stand Up Republic is preparing for the next phase of our mission to defend and improve American democracy.

The single most important thing we must do is continue building the American democracy movement by uniting and mobilizing more citizens for its cause.

People are the most critical element in this fight. Every reform we hope to implement, every solution we hope to advance, and every leader we hope to elect or defeat requires citizens from across the political divide to stand together. 

Over the last four years, we’ve learned how powerful core American principles and truth are in finding common ground between diverse citizens. So we’ll continue to encourage greater knowledge of and commitment to these principles, while finding other areas of common ground and countering disinformation intended to divide us. With the help of our local leaders, activists and partners around the country, we’ll strengthen our bonds and create a home for more patriotic Americans of goodwill to join us.

As a further strengthened force for good, the coalition for American democracy will be able to change the course of the nation by doing three things:

  • ELECTING HONORABLE AND UNIFYING LEADERS – Our success as a nation requires honorable and unifying leaders who put the people’s interests above their own and deliver solutions to the many challenges the nation is facing. But electing such leaders is our responsibility and, to do so, we must elevate them above others who put their own interests first and divide Americans for their own political gain.
  • IMPLEMENTING ELECTORAL AND POLITICAL REFORMS – Government must be accountable to the people for liberty to endure. Ensuring that’s the case is a constant work in progress because there will always be politicians who put their own interests first. So we must continue to fight for reforms such Ranked Choice Voting, open primaries, and independent redistricting that empower voters and reward more unifying, effective leadership. We must also implement other reforms in Washington that prevent corrupt leaders from manipulating the system to hold themselves above the people and the law.
  • ADVANCING SOLUTIONS FOR ALL AMERICANS – Our country is facing real problems, from a raging pandemic to unemployment, inaccessible healthcare, racial injustices, and foreign threats. Delivering common sense solutions not only helps the American people, it strengthens faith and confidence in our democracy. Otherwise, continued dysfunction will fuel the extremism and authoritarianism that threatens the nation. 

These are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the new year. We’ve proven what we’re capable of, and we’ve shown that the Stand Up Republic community can have a material impact on the health of the country. The struggle for liberty, equality and truth is never ending, but it is a cause to which we are all called. Together, we can chart a better course for the nation that delivers for all Americans and continues to shine as a beacon of liberty for all.

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Anyone who has sided with treason over truth and refuses to put the constitution and the American people first must be voted out. We cannot continue down this path where the two Americas cannot even agree that democracy is worth protecting.
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