• on May 6, 2019

Pierre says goodbye to SUR

Farewell Stand Up Republic.


In my time at Stand Up Republic, I have had the honor of working with a group of compassionate, moral people, centered in their belief in the United States of America.


In our era, we face many struggles. From the rising tide of extremism to the endless current of the international drug trade, from the epidemics that threaten lives across America and the globe to the leaders who sow chaos to reap their political harvest, from the encroaching seas to the ever-growing wrath of nature, from the rise of automation to the monopolization of data, we have no deficit of crises to face.


I have been reassured every day since I came to SUR, as I walk in, and I see good people trying to solve a crisis facing the world. If people like these exist, I have unending hope in the ability of our nation to not only survive the crucible of the coming years, but to emerge stronger, wiser, and better for it.


In 2017, I graduated from high school, entering the world right as we turned the page. I have confidence that the next era of America will not be one of darkness. I have confidence because we will have the chance to see that it isn’t. You will be able to act and make a change to see America unvanquished by the storms of time.


Remember this, and remember, we all have a part to play. I will always remember my time with Stand Up Republic.


Signing off,

Pierre Saint-Perez

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