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STATEMENT: It’s time for Congress to begin an impeachment inquiry

Six weeks ago, Americans finally got the chance to read the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation for themselves. His report detailed the Russian government’s attacks on our elections, the complicity of the Trump campaign, and the president’s efforts to obstruct justice. Since then, Trump and his administration have lied about Mueller’s work and obstructed Congress’ oversight. Yesterday, Mueller again provided a sobering portrayal of his findings and their importance to all Americans.   A dispassionate and non-partisan review of the evidence already on display reveals a presidential threat to our democracy, which necessitates an impeachment inquiry.   Impeachment should not be undertaken lightly nor for partisan interests. Previously, Stand Up Republic rejected impeachment calls before the Special Counsel’s investigation was completed and its findings revealed. Since our founding, we have called for independent probes into the Kremlin’s attacks and any involvement by the Trump campaign. Now, Mueller’s inquiry is finished and it has revealed a pattern of abuse and obstruction which continues today.  
  • As a candidate, Trump’s campaign repeatedly spoke to, emailed, and met with Kremlin operatives explicitly offering the Kremlin’s assistance as it hacked his opponents and spread disinformation to more than 100 million Americans. Trump and his advisors celebrated and encouraged Moscow’s aggression and went to great lengths to hide it from federal investigators, thereby impairing America’s national security for their political gain.
  • In the midst of Mueller’s investigation, Trump often threatened witnesses, dangled pardons, and tried to influence investigators. The Mueller report further details several instances where he took illegal actions to fire the special counsel, create false records, and deceive both the investigators and the American people. These obstruction efforts impeded authorities from learning more about the attacks against our country.
  • Since the release of the Mueller report, Trump has refused to comply with justified, lawful Congressional investigations and co-opted other government officials to refuse, block, and obstruct Congress’ constitutional oversight powers.
  •   When combined with the threat of Trump’s continued Russian backing in 2020, his ongoing obstruction presents a true threat to free and fair elections in America. Mueller has made clear that the Department of Justice is constrained by its own policies from bringing charges against a sitting president. Therefore, the duty to act rests with Congress and the American people. Conservatives, liberals and centrists alike must hold the president accountable now or risk our ability to do so ever.   Members of Congress must set aside partisan interests to stand up for American national security and the rule of law, as republican Congressman Justin Amash and several Democrat members have done already. More importantly, we, the American people, must demand that our representatives hold the president accountable through a fact-based and bipartisan impeachment inquiry.   This is a pivotal moment for our republic; its future demands action now.