• on May 15, 2020

Principled Republicans to Host Counter-Convention, Outline New Trajectory for GOP

“Republicans for a New President” will rally the conservative opposition to Trump from Charlotte

Leading principled Republicans will convene in August for a counter-rally convention to the Republican National Convention in Charlotte. Conducted virtually, the “Convention on Founding Principles” will be a nation-wide event co-hosted by Principles First and Stand Up Republic (SUR), building on previous successful collaborations.

With appearances from prominent conservative and Republican thinkers, activists and leaders, the convention will be tasked with deliberating and ratifying a new vision for the future of Republican leadership and political renewal in America. Delegates from across America will vote to approve organizing principles and candidates.

The Convention on Founding Principles is also part of SUR’s newest project, “Republicans for a New President” (R4NP). The goal of R4NP is to identify, recruit, and mobilize disaffected Republican voters to set aside partisan interests and support a new President. In addition to hosting this convention, Republicans for a New President will invest heavily in digital advertising and grassroots organizing to urge Republican voters to oppose the president of their own party.

Republicans for a New President is already active in two key battleground states with plans to expand further. These state-based organizations are run by local campaign managers with deep experience running successful campaigns and mobilizing unique coalitions. They will work alongside Stand Up Republic’s national network with volunteers and donors in every state and congressional district who will boost these efforts.

Evan McMullin – Executive Director of Stand Up Republic
“The Trump presidency is a disastrous failure. Unfortunately, it has already contributed to previously unimaginable losses of life, prosperity and safeguards of liberty, but the damage will most likely worsen the longer he remains in office. The nation and the GOP are in desperate need of new leadership and principled conservatives possess the votes to ensure that the party and the country have an opportunity for renewal on Election Day. This is our mission.”

Mindy Finn – Executive Director of Stand Up Republic
Despite his obvious flaws, Republicans took a bet with Trump who branded himself as a “fighter” and “winner.” Instead, America loses daily amid Trump’s pandemic failures which count 80,000 tragic deaths and nearly 35,000,000 unemployed. The good news is that voters have the power to right the ship in November. Principled Republicans can restore honor to the GOP and start rebuilding the Party when we elect a new president in November.

Heath Mayo – Founder, Principles First
“Principled conservatism has taken a backseat during the Trump presidency. The heresies of a GOP that once claimed to champion limited government, the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, and moral character are too many to name – and are likely to come at a heavy political price. It’s time for principled conservatives to start paving the way for what comes after Trump: a movement fit for the 21st century rooted in ideas instead of beholden to a single politician or party. I’m excited to be part of this effort.”

Judge Bob Orr – North Carolina Chair
“I am excited to be working with Republicans for a New President, Stand Up Republic, and countless principled Republicans across the country to help get our party back on track. This Convention on Founding Principles is a way for us to gather and discuss not only how we beat Trump in November, but how we can begin to rebuild a principled party that has clearly lost its way.”

Founded by Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn, Stand Up Republic is a 501(c)4 organization committed to mobilizing a national, cross-partisan constituency to defend and strengthen American democracy. For more information on Republicans for a New President, visit: www.RepublicansForANewPresident.com

Principles First is a 501(c)4 grassroots organization built by citizens disillusioned with the current state of our politics and committed to championing conservative principles in the 21st century. For more information on Principles First, visit: principlesfirst.us

To register for more information on the Convention for Founding Principles, visit https://www.republicansforanewpresident.com/cfp

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