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Principles to Fight Corruption

Why do we talk so much about principles and values? Because without them, our country is adrift, with no clear direction and no greater purpose. But also because principle is the natural enemy of the corrupt.

Just look at the reaction to Republican Congressman Justin Amash’s weekend statement that the President has committed impeachable offenses, and that our democracy demands we hold our leaders accountable to the law and Constitution.

It was a bold statement, one that party leadership decried as a betrayal, and which inspired a rage filled twitter tirade from the president. He even got a primary opponent because of it.

Principled stands always inspire anger, because they strike fear in the hearts of the corrupt and unprincipled. That’s why it’s our duty to stand up in defense of principles.

Congressman Amash is the first in his party to confront and acknowledge the truth about the president’s corrupt behavior both on the campaign and in the Oval Office. If we don’t keep up the pressure, he could be the last.

The President is fighting hard to keep Congress and the American people from learning the whole truth. And many of his enablers in Congress are too scared to speak up. They will only take a stand if we prove to them that principles mean more to the American people than parties.

That’s why I’m asking you to do three things today to demand Congress stand up for American values and the Constitution.

1: Send your representatives an email, telling them that you expect them to put their party aside to defend Congress’ independent powers.

2: If you use social media, help share Congressman Amash’s statement.

3. Help Stand Up Republic build a stronger, broader coalition of Americans who put principle over party.

Congress has been giving away its power and responsibilities for years, and we’re paying the price for it now. But in America, the people have the power to steer their government. So real change begins here, with us. Will you stand up with us?