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Truth and Virtue

We and our leaders must value truth and act in a manner that inspires trust and confidence. Virtue is essential to free society.


All men and women are created equal and endowed with the same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This truth is paramount to the American idea.

Free Speech

Freedom of speech is a foundational human right and essential to democracy. We support the free and open exchange of ideas.

Accountable government

Government must be accountable to the people it serves. In order to ensure that our leaders work for our interests alone, we require transparency in governance.

Free Press

The press plays a crucial role in holding leaders accountable and keeping the public informed. We must allow them to work without fear of retribution.

Rule of Law

We are a nation of laws and our commitment to its equal application ensures our safety and prosperity. No man or woman with wealth or status is above the law.

Separation of Powers

The Constitution established three distinct, co-equal branches of government. All must act strictly within their Constitutional authorities to guard against the abuses of power.

Civic Engagement

In our Republic, we have a responsibility to promote honest leaders into office who will make wise, fact-based decisions and to hold them accountable.

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