• on January 4, 2021

Sign the Pledge: Declare that you will not vote for anyone working to undermine American democracy!

Elections are the foundation of our Constitution and our right to self-governance. But many members of Republican leadership, especially in the House and Senate, have been working to undermine the will of the people and our democratic process. They have sought to overturn the election results with outlandish and debunked conspiracy theories. Even if their efforts fail, they will have damaged the credibility of our democracy and laid the groundwork for future politicians to complete the task and overturn our very right to vote. Such behavior is unacceptable, and no one who engages in efforts to undermine and overturn our elections should ever hold public office or confidence again.

Sign this pledge to declare that you will not vote for anyone who undermines our elections and our Constitution.

I will not, now or ever, cast a vote for anyone who supports, endorses or acts upon plans to undermine our election and subvert the will of the people by rejecting lawful and certified vote counts or otherwise overturning election outcomes.

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