2020 is not 2016
The most salient issue for Americans right now is racial injustice. President Trump is performing dreadfully on addressing that issue, and his failed leadership on other issues demonstrate that when the country needs him to stand up and lead, he cannot.
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NEW AD: “Silent”
We know who Donald Trump is, he's the Hater in Chief. No matter how often he proves it, Senate Republicans won't speak up. They may be silent, but you don't have to be. Watch our latest ad "Silent" and let's all Stand Up!
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Senator Cory Gardner knows vote-by-mail works and should vote to support its federal funding
It’s time Senator Gardner stands just as solidly for the American people and supports American voters as many of us in Colorado have used vote-by-mail to elect him.
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Advocate for a More Just America
We recognize that actions at the state and local level are paramount to addressing the issues in police departments across the country, and we encourage you to get involved locally. We also believe Congress should exert some leadership and take action.
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VIDEO: Virtual Townhall: Principled Conservatives Speak Out on Racial Injustice in America
Principled conservatives Tara Setmayer, Joe Pinion and Shermichael Singleton joined us for a virtual townhall about racism, justice and equality in America. Moderated by Mindy Finn and Evan McMullin, the discussion explored how our founding principles call us to work towards a truly equal society, where liberty, justice and opportunity [...]
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Demand Answers on the Russian Bounties
categories: Blog
Two bills have been introduced, one in the House and the other in the Senate. While both bills share common ground, there are a few stark differences which will need to be addressed before a bipartisan agreement can be reached.
Demand Answers on the Russian Bounties
categories: Advocacy
Send a message to your members of Congress encouraging them to issue a resolution on police brutality.
Current Information Operation Topics: US intelligence is finally figuring out how to communicate with the American public on threats in our information domain, and we should all pay attention.
categories: Defusing Disinfo
You’ve probably seen messages that claim to provide evidence that busloads of “out of state” looters, rioters, and members of antifa are coming to burn down your town or city. They are bullsh*t. They are a psychological operation being run against Americans. And we should all understand how dangerous they are.
What lessons haven’t we learned since 2016? Lesson 6: The war on history isn’t about history, but justifying a contemporary course of action.
categories: Defusing Disinfo
The weeks leading up to Independence Day 2020 were a truly bizarre period in American public discourse, with an intense period of discussion about racial inequality and police violence sliding into a fraught counter-narrative about antifa radicalism and violence that failed to materialize.
Our independence depends on our unity
categories: Blog
For most of us, this Independence Day is unlike any Fourth of July we’ve experienced before. Yet, this isn’t the first time that our national celebration will fall during contentious, or even dangerous times.
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