10 Facts About the 2020 Presidential Election
And what to tell your friends in response to misinformation.
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List of GOP leaders standing up for a peaceful transition of presidential power
This is a list of prominent Republican politicians, leaders, and media figures who have stated their encouragement of the president-elect and a smooth transition, as has been an American tradition for 240 years. We will update this list as more Republicans leaders take a constructive and responsible stand.
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After four arduous years, we have finally won the fight against Donald Trump’s corrupt, corrosive presidency.
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Protect the Results: Count ALL the Votes
The president’s playbook is as predictable as it is tyrannical. He has spent months making it clear that he and his party would try to slow down election counts in critical states, and use the confusion to declare a false victory.
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Ready for What Lies Ahead: Protecting Our Elections
This election season has dragged on seemingly forever, and the anticipation and anxiety going into this final day of voting are high. We cannot succumb to the fatigue of this fight. This moment is critical to the health of our country. We cannot just vote, we must stand up in [...]
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Don’t sacrifice America on the altar of Trump
categories: Blog
Anyone who has closely followed Donald Trump and his most die-hard supporters for the last four years will not be surprised by what happened at the Capitol on January 6th.
Words Matter
categories: Blog
One of the biggest takeaways from the insurrection and domestic terrorist attack at the U.S. Capitol was, words matter.
Domestic Terrorism: A Sobering Reality
categories: Blog
This was the first major attack on our nation’s capital since 1814, when the British burned it down during the War of 1812. And it will be remembered as one of the darkest days in our nation’s history.
The Republicans who tried to overturn the election
categories: Blog
These are the Republicans objected to the will of the people by refusing to accept the results of our election.
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