• on June 15, 2021

Statement on Biden Administration Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism

“…a welcome change from the last administration’s tacit approval and encouragement of conspiracy and hate-fueled extremist groups.”


WASHINGTON, DC – The principal organizers of A Call for American Renewal released the following statement on the Biden Administration’s newly unveiled National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.

“Terrorism is anathema to democracy and liberty. It does not matter if it comes from beyond our borders or is perpetrated by members of our American community. There is no place for political violence in a free nation, no justification for embracing hateful extremism, no excuse for looking the other way. 

President Biden’s commitment to confronting, defusing and countering homegrown terror is a welcome change from the last administration’s tacit approval and encouragement of conspiracy and hate-fueled extremist groups. Republicans and conservatives of principle should welcome this focus on a growing threat to the safety and unity of our great nation, and work with the administration to protect the country.

No party or politician should associate with violent groups or with the conspiracies, bigotry, or ideology that drives them. Rather, we must stand boldly against them at every turn, even more so so when their influence creeps into our own political associations. 

We commend President Biden for taking on this critical effort to protect American democracy against violent extremism, and likewise commit our own voices to the fight against domestic terrorism.”

A Call for American Renewal is a coalition of more than 150 Republicans and Independents united to offer a new, better vision for America and the Republican Party, and to create a new political home for unrepresented Americans. Key Signatories to the effort will be hosting a national town hall on June 24th at 7:30PM Eastern. View www.acallforamericanrenewal.com for more information.

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