• on November 13, 2020

Success in Arizona!

How did reliably red Arizona become one of the most consequential states to reject Donald Trump and stand up for American democracy? It wasn’t just John McCain’s example and legacy of independent leadership, it was the hard work of Stand Up Republic’s grassroots leaders and members along with other organizations campaigning to defeat Trumpism in the state. Your support helped secure one of the most important battleground states in the entire election.

How did we do it? By building a coalition of disaffected Republicans and conservative independents who were willing to put party interests aside to stop an aspiring dictator and protect the ideals, norms and institutions that make up the foundation of our great nation. We targeted traditionally Republican communities who are sick of Donald Trump’s indecency, corruption and lies.

When all was said and done, our “Republicans for a New President” campaign in Arizona reached 2 million Arizonans, numerous times, with multiple messages tailored to rebut the Trump campaign’s strongest arguments. Through grassroots organizing, op-ed writing campaigns, community zoom calls, and digital advertising, Stand Up Republic built a coalition in the state that proved to be a difference maker. 

We also worked closely with Arizona faith communities, especially the sizable Latter-day Saint community in the state. Through a grassroots sign on letter, we organized opposition to Trump’s LDS outreach initiatives, reaching hundreds of thousands of principled voters in this faith community.

Finally, with our coalition working to recruit new disaffected Republicans to the cause, we took on Trump’s arguments directly. Our online ads tackled the most difficult issues still binding many Arizonans of faith to the indignities of Trumpism. Our highly targeted ads made the point that nothing, not even his pro-life claims, made up for the hate, hypocrisy, and immorality of his presidency. 

Ultimately, Arizona will come down to just over 10,000 votes. With your help, Stand Up Republic reached countless persuadable Republican and independent voters. With exit polling indicating that as much as 10% of Republicans rejected Trump on election day, there is no doubt that our campaign was a difference maker. This win isn’t just Joe Biden’s, it’s America’s, and we are proud of the work we did to secure the defeat of Trump in Arizona and nationally.

We proved that when we stand up together, we can overcome even the biggest challenges facing our country. Whether it’s a deadly pandemic, an aspiring authoritarian, or even the deep divides in our country, we stand ready to fight for a better future for all. We need to take this energy into the coming months and the next four years. There is much work still to be done, and we thank you for being with us in the fight for freedom and democracy in America.

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