• on January 5, 2021


“Every American should recognize this for what it is: a blatant attempt to overthrow democracy itself.”

The plot by many House and Senate Republicans to reject the free and fair elections of certain states will fail, but the stain of their dictatorial aspirations will follow them in perpetuity. The damage they are doing to the credibility and continuity of our electoral system will be long lasting. Every American, regardless of party, should recognize this for what it is: a blatant attempt to overthrow democracy itself. What Republicans of conscience remain must loudly and definitively reject this assault on the Constitution, and support unequivocally our right to self-governance.

This is not a harmless act, nor are our elections a game to be toyed with. The all-but-certain failure of their attempted usurpation of our national sovereignty does not excuse it. With their unfounded conspiracy theories, egregious lies, and grotesquely warped views of the Constitution, they are convincing large swathes of the population to distrust and reject the core of the American experiment, self-government. They are sowing the seeds of the end of American democracy. Regardless of their failure now, if some tyrant in the future should succeed at overthrowing the will of the people, it will come standing on their shoulders.

The leaders of this anti-democracy movement shroud themselves in labels like ‘Constitutional Conservative” and hide behind conspiracy theories and blatant lies to justify their behavior. That they are comfortable with such rank hypocrisy and outright dishonesty should disqualify them from further holding office, and the electorate ought to enforce our rights to self governance by removing each of them from power at the nearest opportunity. There is no virtue in loyalty when it is given to a president at the expense of the Constitution. American voters of every political persuasion must stand in opposition to these baseless attacks on liberty, and stand undaunted for American democracy.

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The Emergence of Two Americas After January 6th
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Anyone who has sided with treason over truth and refuses to put the constitution and the American people first must be voted out. We cannot continue down this path where the two Americas cannot even agree that democracy is worth protecting.
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