He’s for Law and Order:

There’s violence in major Democrat run cities, and they don’t even try to get it under control.

Donald Trump is the only one who wants to stop crime, while Joe Biden supports the rioters. We have to have law and order for America to function.


  • Under Trump’s leadership, division and unrest in America are at concerning levels, and his inability and unwillingness to address real problems in policing, or to work to unify our country is only making it worse. Regardless of party, America needs a unifying president to calm tensions and restore peace to our nation. 
  • Joe Biden has condemned political violence by both rioters and white supremacist groups who have attacked and killed Americans. He’s also called for an end to rioting and looting. Meanwhile, Donald Trump defends political violence by those who he sees as being “on his side.”
  • Trump is quick to shout about “antifa,” but remains silent on white supremacist militias and movements which have murdered police and protesters. Why does Trump encourage his supporters to commit violence at rallies, or boast about the physical toughness of “bikers for Trump?” These actions are the opposite of law and order.
  • Donald Trump is the least law and order president we’ve ever had – including Richard Nixon. He routinely breaks ethics, campaign, and accountability laws to help himself, and uses the DoJ as a personal defense attorney.
  • Countless campaign staffers, personal friends, and former employees have been indicted, arrested, and imprisoned for breaking the law and lying to law enforcement. Trump has openly offered clemency to those who “don’t flip” and dangled pardons to buy silence. He even accuses federal law enforcement professionals of being traitors and a “deep state.”
  • Trump regularly argues in court that he is above the law as a president, and has used the Justice Department to kill investigations into his own actions and those of his friends. He has fired inspectors general and US attorneys who are looking into potential crimes, and fired government officials who have refused to violate their oaths and the law for his benefit.
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