I’ve been a Republican my entire life, because they represent my beliefs on issues like low taxes, individual freedom, life and national defense.

Donald Trump isn’t a perfect representation of those principles, but he’s the only one we have!

I’m not a Democrat, and I don’t think I ever could vote for a Democrat. They just don’t share my values. Isn’t it better to have Republicans in office, even if they aren’t the best representatives of my values?


  • Donald Trump has been a registered Democrat most of his life, and his role in the Republican Party has actually been destructive to long held principles like decency, free markets, fiscal responsibility and limited government.
  • Voting against Trump doesn’t mean you are a Democrat, or have to support other Democrats now or in the future. But Republicans AND Democrats have to be willing to put country over party when someone as dangerously incompetent and willfully destructive as Donald Trump comes to power.
  • Joe Biden probably will do things you disagree with, just as Donald Trump does. You don’t have to defend those policies. But if you support Donald Trump after everything he’s done, you ARE enabling his corruption and abuses of power.
  • The best thing you can do to protect the Republican Party and the policies and values it represents, is to hold Republican officials accountable when they fail to honor those values or when their corruption, dishonesty or divisiveness is harming our country. That starts with Donald Trump. 
  • The GOP has already forgotten or abandoned many of the ideas and policies it once held dear. If Donald Trump continues to win in the Republican Party, the party will be lost forever, abandoning everything just to appease one man who doesn’t share your values.
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