I’m pro-life and Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned.

Trump has appointed pro-life justices who will likely protect the sanctity of life.

He is the only pro-life candidate, and he was the first president to speak at March for Life, a pro-life rally.


  • Abortion rates are have been cut in half since 1980, and it has dropped regardless of who is president. The pro-life cause doesn’t depend on the president, it depends on the people.

  • Trump’s personal failings and callous attitude to life are undermining the entire pro-life movement. How can you reduce unwanted pregnancies when the pro-life movement celebrates an unapologetic philanderer? Why would Americans listen to pro-life veiwpoints when the de facto leader accepts police brutality, inhumane treatment of immigrants and attacks on people who are different?

  • Trump said that he is pro-choice, until he decided to run for office, then he claimed to be pro-life. Why trust him on an issue he only uses when he is running?

  • Trump failed in his coronavirus response, leading to lifesaving equipment shortages and poor public health practices. Trump admitted to Bob Woodward that he knew how dangerous the virus was, but intentionally lied about it, including encouraging people to violate public health guidelines, leading to new outbreaks and deaths. He famously described the death toll as it is what it is.”

  • Even now, with hundreds of thousands dead, Trump continues to hold public rallies with little care for the health and wellbeing of those in attendance or the families they will go back home to.

  • Trump is an advocate for the death penalty, and has moved to reinstate capital punishment after a 16 year hiatus. He once took out ads calling for the execution of the Central Park 5, who were innocent, and still defends his belief that they should have been killed.

  • Trump’s treatment of migrants at the border, both children and adult, is an affront to pro-life values. Caged children, forcibly separated from their parents have died in custody from intentionally barbarous immigration policies he created. He even suggested shooting immigrants at the border. That’s not pro-life.

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