Joe Biden and the radical left are socialists:

Joe Biden and the radical left will destroy our nation.

Joe Biden is a Trojan horse for socialism.

It starts with socialized medicine (Obamacare) and next thing you know, they’ll be taking away our guns.


  • There are actual socialists in the far left fringes of the Democratic Party. But when they had a chance to elect actual socialists, they chose probably the least socialist candidate possible. If the socialists aren’t powerful enough to win their own election, why would they be powerful enough to control the people who did?
  • Both parties have extremists in their ranks. Right now, the GOP is being run by it’s extremists, the Democratic Party is not. We should work to ensure that neither party comes under the control of extremists on an ongoing basis.
  • Trump is the one currently redistributing wealth in America, under a $16 billion farm subsidy taxpayer bailout he created in order to placate farmers hurt by his anti-free-market trade wars. He has also routinely tried to order private companies to make business decisions – like closing factories or setting prices – that would help him politically, acting more like a socialist than a free-market businessman.
  • Trump is anti-free trade and his reckless trade wars and tariffs are just a tax increase on American businesses that get passed onto you and me.
  • During the RNC Trump told America that if reelected he would put more restrictions on US businesses to serve his populist economic agenda. This is a form of socialism. 
  • Trump uses socialism to baselessly attack anyone who opposes him. But when it comes to actually stopping socialism, what has he done? He has routinely praised socialist dictators Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un. He has even said openly that the US should act more like China, one of the largest socialist nations on Earth. 
  • Trump failed and gave up on ending socialism in Venezuela, where Maduro is actually stronger now than he was before Trump tried to help the opposition leader.
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