Biden is weak on China:

President Trump is the only president that can stand up to China.

We need a strong leader who won’t let China grow any stronger, economically and militarily.


  • Trump has spent years of his presidency praising Xi Jinping, even congratulating him on becoming a dictator with the title “president for life.” He’s even reported to have said that China’s mass concentration camps for muslim minorities was “the right thing to do.”
  • President Trump thanked President Xi Jinping for their work on containing the coronavirus, despite Chinese efforts to conceal the virus and jail doctors during the early stages of the outbreak. He only blamed China when it became clear that Americans were blaming him for claiming the virus was just like the flu and would disappear like a miracle.
  • Under Trump’s watch, the once free Hong Kong was subjugated to mainland China, with little to no consequences from the US. A once promising bastion of freedom in otherwise communist dictatorial China was wiped out and he was too afraid of hurting his failing trade negotiations to do anything about it.
  • Joe Biden has a plan for confronting China, and has called Chinese President Xi Jinping a thug over the detention of more than 1 million Uighur Muslims in Chinese concentration camps.
  • With no plan, President Trump started a trade war with China that deeply hurt millions of Americans. He bragged about a “phase 1 deal” this year, but China hasn’t lived up to Trump’s promises, and even Trump gave up on securing a permanent “phase 2” negotiation. In short, China is winning his trade war, and Trump is letting them.
  • Under President Trump’s watch, China’s military continues to grow stronger, with China now boasting the world’s largest Navy.
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