Joe Biden probably has dementia:

Joe Biden is always making mistakes while speaking and probably has dementia.

I think he’s too old to lead us.


  • Biden is a self-declared gaffe machine and has been for years. Does it mean he has dementia or he’s losing his mind? Does it mean that Donald Trump is also suffering dementia because of his repeated gaffes and misstatements? 
  • This is the exact same playbook as 2016, where Trump created conspiracies about his opponent’s health to distract from his own shortcomings and trick people into voting for him.
  • Both candidates are among the oldest to ever run for the Presidency, and the 3 year age difference hardly makes one more “youthful” than the other.
  • If Joe Biden is too old to be president, then President Trump is too old to run for reelection. Trump will be older than Biden is now during his next term.
  • BIden is honorable, loyal, decent, compassionate, and unifying. You would never use these words to describe Trump.
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