We need the conservative judges he’s appointing:

I support Trump not for his sake but because he will nominate conservatives judges.

Our country and our conservative values need to be defended in federal court.


  • It is important to have a good, principled judiciary. But they are only one third of the government. Why would accept a dangerous, dishonest leader of the Executive Branch, just to be able to appoint one ninth of the Judicial Branch?
  • The Supreme Court reviews laws, but Congress has to write them. And Donald Trump is so toxic that Republicans may not have that kind of power for a long time. Is that a good trade off?
  • Judges are meant to be independent – and usually they are. But that means that ‘Conservative’ judges often disagree with each other. Not even Trump can guarantee that the judges he appoints will make decisions you agree with.
  • He uses judges to hold your vote hostage, forcing you to accept immoral behavior and bigger government in order to maybe get a judge who might one day support something you believe in. Or might not. How much indecency and malfeasance will you accept just for a judge that might not even rule in the way that you prefer?
  • The President routinely attacks even conservative judges if they don’t side with him. He’s made it clear he doesn’t care about judicial philosophy, he wants partisan and personal defenders, even when he is clearly in the wrong. He actually doesn’t want judges that will limit the power or size of the presidency, because that would limit his power.
  • Even worse, every time he gets a conservative judge to rule in favor of expanding his presidential powers, he’s damaging conservative principles. And the court rulings that have expanded his power, like the one that blocked Congress from enforcing subpoenas, will one day be used to defend liberal presidential orders and powers.
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