The Dangers of Extremism on Social Media
More steps must be taken to eradicate the threat posed by QAnon and extremists who use social media with malicious intent.
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Trust: Democracy’s Secret Ingredient
President Trump is a danger to the American democratic system because he sows distrust not just of his political opponents but the judiciary, government officials, and the system itself.
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Democracy worldwide cannot take four more years of Trump
President Trump is a threat to freedom and democracy not only at home but abroad as well. For the United States to better help freedom-loving people worldwide, President Trump must [...]
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US democracy cannot take another 4 years of Trump
Democracy and truth at home are suffocating under Donald Trump. To begin to heal the country, Donald Trump must not be reelected.
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Reality catches up to Trump
For several months now, President Trump has lived in a make believe world where the coronavirus isn’t really a big deal. Now, his make believe world is coming to an [...]
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The threat Trump doesn’t want to talk about
On Tuesday night, America bore witness to an unprecedented debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The biggest bombshell occurred when President Trump was pressed to [...]
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President Trump is serious about not leaving
The American people must be ready to stand up against this tyranny.
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We Might Not Have an Election Night This Year
We join our fellow Americans in mourning the loss of a truly inspiring and remarkable figure, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her courage and resolve typified the best of our nation, [...]
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Christians Must Stand Against Trumpism & Political Extremism
we launched this effort to stand in the tradition of God’s people, over the course of history, who have stood against racism, segregation, slavery, child sex trafficking, and all manner [...]
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No, Republicans are not your enemy
Is it fair to judge an entire group of people from what is shown on cable news?
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