How Building Data Protection Regimes Can Counter Disinformation
Data protection laws and regulations can help to shield consumer data used in computational propaganda from use and abuse.
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Deepfakes will challenge public trust in what’s real. Here’s how to defuse them.
As we prepare for the first wave of malicious synthetic media, face-swaps and deceptive audio, there is a concrete opportunity to be prepared in a way many people were not [...]
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The Future of Disinformation – and how to stop it
It took a decade for the dark side of social media and ubiquitous mobile devices to become apparent. What dangers loom in the decade ahead?
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Rules of Engagement for Social Media Influence Operations
A proposal for a voluntary code of ethics for civilians conducting information operations.
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To Defuse disinformation, Use aggressive, transparent Journalism
The first step is to end the hold disinformation has on our lives and join the real world, made up of real facts and real events, in which real people [...]
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What Congress, Tech companies, the Press, and The Public Can do about disinformation
As we learn more about the strategies and tactics used to create and spread disinformation and the dynamics by which misinformation spreads, it’s critical for all of the different stakeholders [...]
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Responding to disinformation should not trample on human rights
From France, to Australia, and back to the United States, there is a growing popular consensus that the spread of misinformation and disinformation online, whether through platforms or apps, has [...]
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Disinformation, Democracy, and the Rule of Law
Defending against disinformation will require a strategy to fortify America’s social fabric with shared civic values that can serve as a prophylactic against future attacks.
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How Adding Friction To Group Messaging Can Help Defuse Disinformation
Given reports of Facebook's plans to unify Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, the feature changes it makes will affect billions of people. "Code is law," in this context, and although nations [...]
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How Technologists Can Help Counter Misinformation and Other Social Harms
Employees within technology companies have greater leverage to challenge problematic policies and products than it might seem.
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