How to Use Social Media Responsibly in an Age of Disinformation
There is little we can do to prevent people creating or publishing disinformation. But those of us who use social media can take action to slow down its spread by [...]
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How Crowdsourcing Can Identify and Debunk Disinformation
News organizations must ensure that the public’s enthusiasm for helping with investigations reinforces our collective responsibility for reliable journalism.
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We’ve Diagnosed the Disinformation Problem. Now, What’s the Prescription?
2018 was the year of exposing and quantifying manipulation in its various forms. 2019 has to be the year that we take significant steps to mitigate the systemic problems that [...]
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Defending Democratic Mechanisms and Institutions against Information Attacks
Professor Henry Farrell and security technologist Bruce Schneier provide policy advice to improve the resilience of democracy against influence attacks.
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How Transparency Can Help Defuse Disinformation From Botnets, Sockpuppets, and Online Trolls
Mandating commercial marketing firms that provide synthetic social-behavioral marketing through paid sockpuppets, botnets, or human influencers disclose their work would not address all propaganda, but it will certainly bring some [...]
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How Sunshine Could Prevent “Trolling as a Service” from Becoming Normal in Politics
Mandating that commercial firms that sell "trolling as a service," create sock puppets or set up "false news" pages disclose that work would help mitigate misinformation.
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Introducing the Defusing Disinformation Project
Defusing disinformation and mitigating misinformation have become critical needs for democracies everywhere. That's why this project exists. Let's get started!
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