Download the Team app and help us organize to defeat Donald Trump!

With the Election fast approaching, we’re working hard to ensure America replaces Trump in November. There’s so much on the line this year and we need all hands on deck — so pick up your phone, and let’s get to work!

This isn’t your typical election for a lot of reasons. But the ongoing threat of coronavirus makes traditional organizing, door knocking, and personal outreach harder than ever. That’s why Stand Up Republic has a new way to get involved.

We’re using an app called Team, to help empower you to be an advocate against Trump and Trumpism in your network and community. On the SUR Team App you can do friend-to-friend outreach from your phone, using materials and guidance that help you make the best case possible. That’s the best recipe for success this year, because when someone gets a message from a friend, it’s up to 9x more impactful than getting a message from a stranger. 

Join us and other principled Americans as we work to secure a better and brighter future for the country. Download Team, and become a SURrogate today!

How It Works

With Team, you join a community of supporters and speak directly to your friends and neighbors about Stand Up Republic. When you — a friend, coworker, neighbor, or peer – deliver a message through the modern communication methods you use every day, it becomes even more powerful. Together, let’s give our friends and neighbors important information they need, help them think through the issues, and get them involved!

View and Share Content

  1. Check the Feed tab (newspaper icon) to see content your team wants you to see or share!
  2. Choose where you want to share.
  3. Write your message and share! Use your team’s words as a guide (look for specific phrases, hashtags, and tone!) but edit them – you know the best way to talk to your own friends!

Start Conversations with Friends, Neighbors, or Peers

  1. Check the Outreach tab (envelope icon) for tasks. To see if you know any friends on your organization’s list, tap “Check your Contacts” and choose to sync!*
  2. Write your message to friends – you know the best way to talk to them! Tap “Add New Contacts” to include more friends. Then, pick the best way to reach them.
  3. Did a friend match as someone else? Tap the flag to report a wrong number!
  4. How’d It Go? Tell your team! Submit the survey questions about your outreach.

Team Tips

In the “Outreach” tab (envelope icon) on the app, you can see which people you know that Stand Up Republic is trying to reach. Here are some tips for doing outreach:

I tried to tap “send via SMS” (text message), but it says it didn’t go through!

Is it possible this number is a landline? A lot of the time, Stand Up Republic may only have your friend’s landline, so that’s the number that surfaces! But no matter, because you have the most important information: you know what friend to contact and you know the best way to reach them. Tap “share” in the bottom left corner of the task card instead; this lets you be more specific in how you choose to reach your friend. If text message is best, you can choose text and start typing in your friend’s name to find their cell phone number from your address book (instead of their landline). Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and email are also popular choices: simply tap the best one and start typing in your friend’s information, as you normally would when contacting them!

My friend’s home phone is on my list, but I can see that the “matched” person is actually their spouse (or other relative)! What should I do?

This can happen when family members all share a home landline number, which is common! Luckily, you have the key information: you know which person to talk to! Reach out to that person — the spouse, in this case — the best way you know how. If you don’t know your friend’s spouse well enough, you could even reach out to your friend, let them know that you saw their spouse on the list while volunteering, and ask them to talk to their spouse and let you know how it goes! Remember: tap “share” in the bottom left corner so you see more options (text, Facebook, email, etc.) and more easily pick the best number or account to contact.

My neighbor is on my list, so I talked to them in person instead!

It’s amazing to hear that you’re having important conversations with people in your life, and that you are truly finding the best ways to reach them! We are working on buttons like “phone call,” “in person,” and “already talked to them.” For now, we’ll teach you how to “fake out” the app to mark that you contacted these voters. Go ahead and talk to your neighbor in person, call your aunt, and leave your friend be. Then, in the Team app on the task card for that person, tap “share” and choose text — but send the text to yourself (or don’t send at all). When you go back into Team, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you sent the message. Say “yes,” as long as you truly talked to that person on the phone, in-person, or earlier. Now, you’ve successfully completed this action, and you’ll receive some survey questions to let Stand Up Republic know how things went!

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Close out the app and reopen it. Sometimes, it just need to quit and restart!
  2. Check for any updates to Team in the App Store or Google Play Store. Please update to the newest version if you aren’t already on it — sometimes, we’ve already fixed your issue in the past!
  3. If your issue is preventing you from using the app, try deleting / uninstalling the app and re-downloading. Don’t worry: your login, activity, etc. will still be here.
  4. Still having an issue? Email [email protected] and we’ll respond ASAP. We will probably ask you what type of phone you have and what version you’re on (you can usually find this in settings) so we can check every possibility.

More Resources

Data Security and Privacy

Here is some general information about our policies and approach:

Data Security: Protecting users’ data is critical. We store data on our own servers and make architectural and software choices that maximize their security. By using technology that is modern, highly-reputable, and industry-standard, we ensure the security of users’ information, passwords, and activity on Team.

Phone Contacts: Team asks for permission to access to users’ phone contacts so we can prompt them to talk to people they know that their organization or campaign would like to reach. Team empowers users to take advantage of their own data, helping them figure out which friends they should be talking to about the cause or candidate they care about. Without syncing their contacts, users won’t be able to do friend-to-friend outreach for the organization or campaign.

Users’ contacts are securely stored on our servers, where we match them against lists of people the organization or campaign would like to contact, so we can prompt users to start conversations with those friends. We do not pass users’ friends’ information or any data from users’ phone contacts to anyone—even to their organization or campaign.

We will never text or contact users’ friends on our own or on a user’s behalf.

Facebook: Team prompts users to share content on their personal Facebook pages so they can speak directly to their own social networks about their organization or campaign. When users share to Facebook, no information is returned to Team. We do not request or receive any information about users or their friends, and we do not scrape any data from Facebook. If a user chooses to create a Team account with Facebook, an option we provide for convenience, we only see their first name, last name, and profile picture. Similarly, if a user chooses to start a conversation about their cause or candidate with a friend through Facebook Messenger, we do not receive any information from Facebook Messenger.

We will never post on Facebook or send messages on our own or on a user’s behalf.

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