• on December 19, 2019

The House has done their job by impeaching, now it’s the Senate’s turn

America marked a new, sad historic benchmark today. For only the third time in our history, a sitting president was impeached by the House of Representatives. Impeachment is a permanent mark on America’s politics, representing a dangerous moment in our history when the chief executive repeatedly abused his power and threatened American security and democracy.

The stain of impeachment is not on Congress, it is on one man, who’s refusal to respect the Constitution or abide by the limits of his office. It is a deserved stain on Donald J. Trump and his abettors, including his political operative Rudy Giuliani and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. History will remember their perfidious schemes, and those who allowed them to continue by turning a blind eye or even excusing their abuses. 

The House of Representatives has done their constitutional duty by impeaching the president. Now it’s time for the Senate to do their duty by holding a full and fair hearing. 

Tragically, there’s no guarantee that Senate Republican leadership will allow anything close to a fair and earnest trial. On the contrary, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham have already shown that they have no intention to honor their oaths or respect their constitutional duty. Both have already declared that they will not be impartial, and both have openly mocked the process they are solemnly sworn to carry out. 

But they aren’t all-powerful. A bipartisan group of Senators can force the Majority Leader’s hands. They can work together to create a process that allows for a prosecution and a defense. They can ensure that both sides can call witnesses with relevant testimony. They can guarantee that the trial is not a sham, but the credible and thorough process of discovery and debate which America richly deserves.

That shouldn’t be objectionable. It shouldn’t be controversial. A fair trial is a right and an obligation in America. We don’t rig trials for or against anyone. That’s not a partisan value, it’s an American one, and one every US Senator should wholeheartedly embrace.

That’s why we need to let our Senators know that we won’t tolerate a sham trial designed to sweep impeachment under the rug. 

We’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get the truth about Trump’s actions. Despite his lies and obstruction, we’ve found the evidence. But we can’t stop fighting now. The critical moments in determining how a Senate trial unfolds will take place soon, so we need to make sure the process is fair. 

Contact your Senators and tell them that America deserves a fair trial. Urge them to support an impeachment trial process that allows the entire case to be laid out, and that calls key witnesses to answer the questions Trump is obstructing. They know that a sham trial would be a perversion of justice and a violation of their constitutional oath. Keep the pressure on them to stand up for a fair, bipartisan impeachment trial process. 

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