• on December 10, 2019

The Impeachment Articles are More Than Justified; Declare Your Support

The majority of the House of Representatives have finally seen enough, and so, for only the fourth time in our nation’s history, articles of impeachment have been drafted against a sitting president. Impeachment is a somber power that should never be entered into lightly. Sadly, our nation now finds itself in need of this constitutional remedy.

The articles center around two charges: 

  1. Abuse of Power: That Donald Trump abused his power as president to force a foreign government to manufacture dirt against a political opponent in order to help his reelection campaign. And that in doing so, he damaged American interests by threatening and extorting a friendly nation, and jeopardized national security by willfully subjecting our elections to foreign attack and interference.
  2. Obstruction of Justice: That Donald Trump obstructed Congress’ lawful, constitutional authority to investigate his actions. By openly forbidding any White House officials from cooperating with the investigation, and ordering government officials to withhold documents and communications related to Congressional oversight, he put his self-preservation above the Constitution in a way that undermines an equal branch of government and violates his oath of office.

The sad reality is that these articles of impeachment, while not exhaustive, are more than justified by the evidence presented to the American people to date. And the ongoing threat his schemes present to the country make impeachment an imperative.

Even now, with hearings into his corruption concluded and articles announced, his personal attorney and political operative, Rudy Giuliani, is in Ukraine pursuing the same corrupt ends that started this inquiry. He won’t stop, even after every witness testified that the Ukraine plot was unprecedented and destructive to American interests.

But what’s more alarming than this one scheme is the pattern of lawless and self-serving behavior that this president has exhibited from the start. How many other corrupt designs are ongoing or planned for the future? If the president would use aid to Ukraine – a nation at war for it’s very survival – to benefit himself, what wouldn’t he do to cement his own power?

This is about protecting the independence of our elections, and ensuring the president cannot abuse his office to secure his own power. There is no more fundamental issue to the preservation of American democracy. 

That’s why we need your voice now. Your Representative needs to hear from you that you support impeachment, regardless of party.

In just five minutes, you can stand up for our democracy in three ways:

Call – Flood their office phone lines with support for the articles of impeachment.

Email – Fill their inboxes with messages demanding their support for impeachment.

Sign your Name – Show them the numbers are on the side of accountability and impeachment by signing our petition of support.

Our Constitution and our elections demand constant vigilance. But too many are willing to sit and watch while they are attacked both by foreign governments and by a sitting president. It’s up to us to change that, by proving that the American people will stand up for the rule of law and democracy.

The House’s articles of impeachment are far from a full accounting of all that Trump has done to betray the American people. But it is more than enough to justify the impeachment of the president. So let’s all stand up in support of these articles, and demand that our elected Representatives do the same. 

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